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    Engineering Solutions

    Wrentech provides technical and engineering solutions to the pharmaceutical, life sciences, food and beverage sectors.

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An established professional company serving our customers to the highest standards with our dedicated team & partners.

Wrentech is a well-established company. We provide our customers optimal systems, individual components and overall solutions which best match customer needs. We choose products and complete solutions carefully with many years experience and using our partners expertise. Primarily in the fields of Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, and Dairy.

Wrentech is led by a technical sales team that is dedicated to serving our customers with the latest technological developments in powder & liquid processing coupled with mixing, and handling technology's and associated products.

Wrentech has over 16 years of experience serving the Irish and European market. Technically the leadership team have over 26 years serving customers and providing technical solutions.

Our office is located in Carrigaline Co Cork, Ireland. A stone’s throw from the Airport, Ferry Port and Cork City. We are situated next to the picturesque areas of Crosshaven and Fountainstown.

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Our Brands

Wrentech supplies a multitude of products from globally recognised and quality brands including ASPECO, Freund Vector, Matcon,ESCO, SWECO, MULLER and YTRON

We have built up a strong working relationship with WrenTech and Mike Wren over the past 20 years. Mike Wren has ensured continuity between us and the equipment manufacturer for an ever changing pharmaceutical industry. WrenTech understand the industry and customer requirements…they ensure that the vendor understands and incorporates our stringent equipment requirements…Mike is always there to work with us and acts on our behalf with leading worldwide companies providing customer supporting and technical guidance.

Mgr./Project Mgr.

Leading Pharma Company

Asepco Bottom Outlet Valves are well serviced in Ireland by Wrenetch and the technical support is critical to us when selecting them as our preferred vendor. Confirmation on deliveries is also important and lead times are very good and generally maintained and monitored by Wrentech.

Mgr./Project Mgr.

Leading Engineering Company

Wrentech were very good on communication trials and support and delivery of project. Most of the other suppliers did not have a dedicated mixing trial unit. We were very pleased with Wrentech.

Mgr./Project Mgr.

Leading Pharma Company