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All Asepco products are made with the highest quality materials to give the best performance and longevity possible. ASEPCO products are specifically designed for situations where leakage and contamination are unacceptable. All ASEPCO products meet BPE, CE-PED, and ASME standards.

Asepco are committed to provide the best service possible to our customers. Hundreds of standard product configurations are available, and we provide a large selection of customizable features to match your application perfectly.

Tank-Bottom Valve

The ASEPCO Tank-Bottom Valve is used as original equipment by the two largest U.S. bioreactor manufacturers, and it is experiencing growing popularity in the food and chemical industries. The Tank-Bottom Valve can be ported to allow it to be C/SIP or flushed while closed, providing access through the valve body to the downstream lines. The ability to quickly flush or C/SIP while the valve is closed solves downstream problems simply and speeds the product changeover.

Valve sizes: 0.5″, 1.0″, 1.5″, 2.0″, 2.5″, 3.0″, and 4.0″

Unique Radial Diaphragm

ASEPCO includes a unique radial diaphragm that forms three seals with the valve: the seal at the inlet, a seal with the compound shoulder, and an O-ring seal at the bottom of the valve chamber. A behind-the-seat flow path allows complete flushing of the valve chamber. The result is a superb aseptic design that promotes self-draining and easy cleaning.  Diaphragm replacement is done with a hygienic clamp that never needs adjusting—no tools are required for maintenance and no bolts need to be periodically tightened with a torque wrench. The result is that our customers see significantly reduced maintenance costs

ASEPCO valve

When we designed our actuators, we took great care in making them industry appropriate, operator friendly, and rugged enough to withstand some pretty rough treatment. If you can fasten a tri-clamp, you can easily assemble and disassemble any ASEPCO valve for inspection or maintenance, and you can do it without tools a large number of options are available with these actuators, including coloured handles, remote handles, lock-out, 4-inch grand handle, stainless steel handle.

Weirless Radial Diaphragm

ASEPCO’s Weirless Radial Diaphragm valves don’t add complications; instead they are proven to simplify maintenance and reduce downtime. And, they keep on saving you money every year they are in use.

Valve sizes: 0.5″


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