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Mixing Paint Emulsions

We have recently become aware of a significant cost saving and environment / energy saving device for Mixing Paint Emulsions. Contact us for further information.

Currently a lot of companies use what they term Dissolvers / High Shear Saw Blade Mixers for Mixing Emulsion.
These create a lot of Foam and need a lot of Power / KW to complete a mix with further piping and De Aeration required.
The Ytron Jet Mixer unit has proven for similar applications to provide the following benefits:

  • Reduce the amount of vessels needed by 50% in some cases
  • The mixer power can also be reduced additionally by up to 50%
  • No further De-Aeration is needed so piping is significantly reduced, product is ready quicker, less issues for Filler
  • Saving on piping and Cleaning even more importantly is game changing for this application. Less Waste, less detergents and less energy required alone for cleaning cycle.
  • There are also safety EHS benefits when replacing the bare rotating shaft of the paint dissolvers.
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