Rest In Peace Liam Holland

Rest in Peace Liam Holland (Rochestown, Cork on 24 November 2020)  Liam was a mentor and invaluable to us here in Wrentech in the early days & yaers. We relied on him a lot and he always there for  me (Mike Wren) and us selflessly. A gentleman indeed, full of kindness, generosity, with a [...]

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New CEO of the Müller Group

Christian Reinau appointed new CEO of the Müller Group, The Board of Directors of MVM Pack-Holding AG (Müller Group) named Christian Reinau as new CEO with effect from April 1st. He takes over the strategic management of all five Müller Companies from Peter Müller. Read more:

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ESCO COVID-19 Response: A letter to our customers,

We continue to place high importance in executing our business continuity plans, and yet at the same time, be sensitive enough to adjust according to latest developments and guidelines from relevant governing bodies, Read more about here :  

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#Almonds#Nuts#Cashew for Protein Milk

Wrentech & Ytron partners have recently realized Equipment and Process advantages for Nut Milk Non Dairy production e.g.: Almond Cashew Oat Soy Benefits Include • Increase in Protein extracted naturally e.g.: Protein Milk • Plant Based • Less energy consumed • Less cleaning and detergents helping the environment • Less risk of Bacteriological issues as Nuts are Wet Milled [...]

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Mixing Paint Emulsions

We have recently become aware of a significant cost saving and environment / energy saving device for Mixing Paint Emulsions. Contact us for further information. Currently a lot of companies use what they term Dissolvers / High Shear Saw Blade Mixers for Mixing Emulsion. These create a lot of Foam and need a lot [...]

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